Off-Hire 4G Broadband – As You Can With Plant

off hire 4g equipment

Christmas is coming and the annual construction shut-down looms.  Site managers will be planning to off-hire plant, and this will be a busy time for them.

One thing that sometimes gets forgotten is the 4G broadband connection for site cabins: after all, you are not going to use it for 2 weeks so why not off-hire your mobile broadband connection too?

If you have tried to off-hire your 4G Internet connection on site then you might have heard some of the following:

  • “It’s a 24 month contract”
  • “You have to pay whether you are using it or not”

These are signs that your provider is not used to working within the construction industry.

At Melbek we understand the pressures of the construction industry, having supplied high quality IT services to construction companies for over 20 years.