Why You Should Stop Using Old 4G Equipment

old 4G equipment

Are you making the most of your 4G connection by using the latest hardware?  We have been approached many times by companies unhappy with their existing 4G provider, and discovered that old technology is being used.

The usual scenario is where a company has used the same provider for some time: the provider turns up with the same old equipment, dumps it on a desk, then runs the aerials outside via a long cable – losing signal strength in the process.  Quite often the location selected has not been good, and other factors have not been taken into account, meaning that a poor connection has been provided unnecessarily.

Most old style devices only provide 4G up to 50Mbps when, in fact, new equipment can give you 100Mbps download speeds.  We only use the most advanced and reliable hardware, and our routers are installed high up on the outside – shorter cable length to the aerials means better signal strength.  Our experience with communications, and keeping up-to-date with the latest technology, allows us to offer the best solutions available.

If you are concerned that you’re not getting the best out of your 4G broadband deal, get in touch and see how we can help you.