4G/5G Construction Site Broadband Hire


4G/5G broadband connections for both Internet and telephone services.

No long-term contracts – just give us 30 days notice of termination when you no longer require the service.

Our professionally installed 4G and 5G solutions are providing faster, more stable connections – with up to 100Mbps download speeds for 4G, and even higher for 5G.  We monitor your connections and provide direct support to the site, if required.

Where no mobile coverage is available, satellite broadband is used to plug these gaps, providing 100% coverage in the British Isles.  The satellite solutions we use have been proven over many years, providing a reliable Internet connection and telephone line.

Construction Site Broadband Installation

VoIP Telephones

Having a telephone on site can ease health and safety worries if your mobile phone signal is patchy.

While setting up a standard telephone line can take months, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephones can be set up instantly over your 4G/5G connection, operating just like a standard telephone along with a local number.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a quick and cost-efficient means of providing telephone communication over broadband.  Our VoIP telephones are WiFi enabled, and are a perfect accompaniment to our 4G/5G construction site broadband solutions.

We can provide local, national or free telephone numbers for your connection(s).  Optional functionality includes call forwarding and voicemail (including voicemail messages sent to an email address as MP3 files).

We provide telephones on monthly rental, even if you only need the service for a short period of your build.

VoIP Phone - Use With Our Construction Site Broadband Solutions


Internet connectivity across multiple site cabins/offices, or even the complete site – both indoors and outdoors.

We can set up WiFi access for both private and public access, for example: private for on-site communication and public for welfare facilities.

WiFi can be set up regardless of whether or not you are using our 4G/5G or satellite broadband solutions.  Multiple access points can be provided to cover as large an area as required, with seamless connectivity.

Construction Site WiFi Solutions

4G/5G Broadband Features

Our solutions provide 4G/5G broadband with WiFi included, using cutting-edge solutions designed in-house.

  • Ideal for use on construction sites, for either short or long term projects.
  • We can usually supply a connection within 24 hours, depending on demand.
  • Ordering is easy, with no lengthy contracts.
  • Alert service to help manage usage.

4G/5G Broadband Management

4G/5G Construction Site Broadband PortalManaging data usage can help you save money. Our 4G/5G solutions include access to a Web-based portal from which you can do the following:

  • Request new installations
  • Check order status
  • Change data bundles
  • Cancel the service
  • View usage and signal strength

4G/5G Web Filtering

Available as an add-on, this is the perfect addition to help get the most out of your 4G/5G connection, ensuring that bandwidth usage is not misused and that costs are kept down.

  • Gain protection against malicious Websites, viruses and spyware
  • Monitor Internet access
  • View reports
  • Control access by content categories
  • Set up a URL blacklist/whitelist

Internet activity can be monitored in real-time or via scheduled reports (available by category, domain, IP address, time, etc.)

Free Email & SMS Alerts

Email and SMS alerts are free with the service, warning you when your package usage reaches 25%, 50%, 75%, 90% and 100% – including a warning if you are likely to exceed your monthly usage at each of these stages.

Free Support & Maintenance

We always aim to respond quickly to any issues raised, whether related to the connection itself or in using specific protocols over it. We have secure remote access to our devices, allowing our technicians to jump onto a site and diagnose any issues (e.g. mast issues, network issues, or anything else).

  • IPAF

  • CHAS

  • CSCS