No.  Our contract length is just 30 days.

There are two options available:

  1. We can cap your monthly data usage to ensure you don’t go over your limit.
  2. Uncapped usage will incur an additional cost.

We do send emails when your usage reaches 25%, 50%, 75%, 90%, and will let you know at each stage if you’re likely to exceed your quota.

Once you’ve informed us, we will update your data limit at the next monthly roll-over.  A nominal network cost is incurred for this service.

Absolutely.  Our trained engineers will help connect your device via WiFi or network cable.

Yes, we can connect your wired network to our service via Cat5 cable.  Our trained engineers will do this for you if you wish, or we can liaise with your IT department.

If you want the fastest speed and the most reliable solution then it’s best to have it installed by us.  We ensure that the correct antenna is used for each site, and adjust the installation to give you maximum performance.

We provide free technical support – just call us for help.  We offer a fully managed service, and can remotely monitor and administer our equipment.

With your permission we can connect to your PC/Laptop by a secure remote connection, in order to diagnose issues.  If required, we will even send an engineer out.

We often hear stories of unreliable 4G solutions, but it doesn’t have to be like that.

We have been providing connectivity to construction sites for nearly 20 years, and are completely confident in our service.

We are so confident that we offer a no-obligation 14 day trial.  We carry out a professional installation and leave you to see how good our service is.

If you do not wish to continue then we will de-install and leave you alone – no fuss.

And the best bit: there is no paperwork to sign.

Secure, transparent connectivity to a company network is a regular requirement.  We support common types of VPN, for example: IPSec, PPTP, SSTP, OpenVPN and SSLVPN.  Just let us know what you need and we can help get it set up.

Not a problem.  We have set up various custom solutions over the years, VPN connectivity being one example.

If you have a technical problem then we can usually find a solution – try us.

Yes, we can provide terabytes of data each month, if you wish.  Just ask and we will send you our full price list.

Yes, we can use specialist equipment to connect directly to the nearest 4G signal, even if it’s many miles away.

Don’t believe us? Let us prove it.

Download speeds are variable due to various factors, such as the amount of people using the 4G network in your location at any one time.

However, we provide you with the fastest speed possible in your area, and this can be 100Mbps.

We provide access to our portal, the first publicly available in the market, which shows you your data usage, tariff, signal strength, costs etc. – all in real-time.

In addition, this can be set up to send you email and SMS alerts at pre-set points, when you have used 25%, 50%, 75% and 90% of your data package.

Not only that, but we will let you know if we think you are likely to go over your data quota, using our predictive usage algorithm.

On occasions we see a site using a large amount of data over short period; this is usually down to someone streaming video.

There are two resolutions to this:

  • The service can be set to disable WiFi overnight.
  • You can use our filtering service, to block specific Website categories or blacklist certain sites.

We take health and safety very seriously.  We work with companies to ensure that any work we carry out is covered by the following, which we will give to you for approval:

RAMS (Risk Assessment/Method Statement).
CSCS cards for all engineers.
IPAF cards for all engineers that use MEWP’s and Access Platforms.
LOLER test certificates for all our plant.
CHAS – We are a CHAS approved contractor.
Asbestos Awareness Training for all our engineers.
PPE – All engineers have their own PPE, Gloves/Glasses/Hi Viz/Boots etc.

In addition we will work with you on any other safety points.

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